Traditional Hand Smocked Clothes by Mafana Kids at Dandy Lions Boutique September 10 2014, 0 Comments

Beautiful traditional hand smocked dresses and rompers have just arrived. They come in a choice of tartans and are hand smocked with pretty embroidery. As these garments are hand smocked the exact tembroidery design may vary from one to the next and we feel this is all part of the appeal of these lovely dresses and rompers. these winter styles are made from heavy weight cotton and the dresses are lined. They really are excellent quality and Fairtrade too.

Dandy Lions visit Autumn Fair at NEC September 07 2014, 0 Comments

We spent a tiring but successful day at the Autumn Fair today choosing lots of lovely new toys + gifts which will be arriving in the next couple of weeks.  

We have found a few new lines to and we are particularly excited about the the 'My Own Fairy Doors'. These will make great Christmas gifts and carry the child into a world of fantasy and imagination. They are made in UK too which will take us up to 13 made in uk brands and that is something we are very proud of!

We already stock gifts from the amazing Milly Green Designs, dinner sets, clocks and place mats and we have added a range of coordinating satchel bags, pencil cases, purses, note books, pens and drink bottles in an appealing horse design.

We have increased our existing range of popular Melissa & Doug Toys by adding train sets ,educational toys, pony stables plus lots more.

Lanka Kade is a lovely range of Fairtrade hand crafted wooden toys which we have been stocking for while and we will be seeing the return of the popular alphabet and number puzzles. We will be adding Noah's Ark and London Bus also.

We may also have a couple of more new surprises but we need to have the orders confirmed before we can share.


New in for Autumn at Dandy Lions Childrens Designer Clothes Boutique August 03 2014, 0 Comments

Childrens Designer Clothes -Autumn collection

It is hard to think ahead to Autumn when it is such lovely weather at the moment, but sadly, cooler days will be on the way. At Dandy lions you will find lots of lovely styles hand picked for design and quality whilst also being appealing for your little people.

We a lovely range of Hatley Raincoats and wellies. Hatley are renowned for their rain wear and the raincoats are fully waterproof and have sealed seams and terry lining- parents love the value for money and little ones love the designs. 

The new season range from Frugi is wonderful with lots of fun appliqués, dinosaurs, owls, highland cow, sausage dogs and more all feature. This season there will be 3 collections and the first is available now. The second collection will be at the end of august so keep watching for more styles to follow. As always, Frugi clothes are made from super soft snuggly organic cotton and are ethically manufactured so the workers in their factories experience decent working conditions and get a fair wage for their work.

Kite Kids have an amazing collection this season with rich vibrant colours. The fleeces are super soft and made from recycled plastic bottles. Their clothes are made from organic cotton and are all ethically manufactured. Kite are very environmentally concious and no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing if their clothes. The clothes are conditioned in apple enzymes giving them a super soft feel. all buttons are made from coconut shells. The new range is due in from 8th August.

Lily + Sid offer a quirky funky range and this season has a panto theme to the collection. there are 2 ranges , baby 0-3yrs and kids 2yrs-6yrs. Lilly +Sid are a British Award winning company with strong principles and donate a percentage of their profits to unicef. The new collection is due in some time in August.

Absorba is a beautiful French babywear range. their bio collection is organic cotton. The clothes are just delicious and perfect for gifting.

Mayoral is a leading Spanish childrens designer clothes brand and has a large range of baby and childrens wear. this season sees lovely plaids and floral prints for girls and some stripes and cosy knitwear and trousers and shirts essentials for boys. Mayoral are also excellent for basics such as socks and tights and offer excellent quality and good value for money.

At Dandy Lions you will also find a lovely range of gifts and educational wooden toys. Each toy is designed to develop your child's skills in some way. you will find a good selection of Melissa & Doug Toys and Lanka Kade fairtrade  toys. Coming soon will be a selection from Manhatten Toys too.

I hope you enjoy shopping at Dandy lions this season.


Ethically Manufactured and Fairtrade- How this makes a difference. July 23 2014, 0 Comments

Ethically Manufactured and Fairtrade- How this makes a difference.

In this world of people wanting everything for the best price possible it may be worth sparing a thought for how this is achieved. There has been extensive media coverage of tragic incidents where working conditions for employees are low down on the priority list in order to produce items at the cheapest price possible but at what cost?

In April 2013 a clothing factory in Savar Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1,000 it appears that warnings over the building’s safety were issued but ignored and it is reported that workers were ordered to work. This is the true cost of our cheap clothing.

Another point to consider  is that it is thought that around 90% of clothing brands use child labour at some point during the manufacture of  their  products . Children are often sent out to pick the cotton as they have small fingers to better pick the buds.

By buying Fair trade products you know that employees are receiving a fair days pay for a fair days work in good working conditions. Prices paid for goods reflect the true cost of production

You are also helping farmers receive a fair and stable price for the cotton they produce. They also receive an additional amount which can be used to invest in community projects, such as building schools, health centres and improving water supply.


The British Association for Fair Trade shops + Suppliers (BAFTS) has produce the Ten Principles of Fair Trade

1 Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers 

2 Transparency and Accountability 

3 Fair Trading Practices . 

4 Payment of a Fair Price .

5 Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour 

6 Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association 

7Ensuring Good Working Conditions 

8 Providing Capacity Building 

9 Promoting Fair Trade 

10 Respect for the Environment 


Dandy Lions Child Boutique is situated in the small market town of Buckingham which prides itself of having Fairtrade Town status.

At Dandy Lions we stock goods from various Fairtrde and fairly traded brands.

Lanka Kade- beautiful hand made and hand painted wooden toys for children

Best Years- the Pebble range and Under the Nile range are Fairtrade brands of hand knitted soft toys and clothes for babies and children

We also stock clothing by Piccalilly who have Fairtrade status and support many projects for children in various parts of the world

Hooligan clothes are a Fairly traded brand from South Africa and support a scheme to empower women to have a career to support their families.

Frugi clothes are ethically manufactured and they ensure there is no use of child labour and that all factories involved in the manufacture of their clothing have SA8000 standard (Social Accountability standard)  plus more, for example, Frugi factories supply their workers and their families with  health insurance.

Kite Kids Brand of organic cotton clothes also ensure good working conditions for the people who make their clothes and ensure they receive fair pay for the work they do.

Mafana Kids is a Fairtrade brand ofbeautiful  hand smocked dresses from Madagascar.