Made in UK at Dandy Lions Childrens Designer Clothes Boutique August 17 2014, 0 Comments

Many big companies have tried to to promote  'made in uk'  in the past few years with the likes of John Lewis and Debenhams being leaders in the initiative.

Not only does this appeal to a sense of pride but it is also good business. As awareness for improving working conditions in places like India and China increases it follows that production costs will increase to meet the improvements whilst UK production does not have to meet these improvement costs therefore the gap in production costs will narrow.

At Dandy Lions we pride ourselves in stocking 12 made in Uk Brands at this moment in time.

Current Brands are:

Lottie Nottie Hair Accessories

Inch Blue shoes.

Lilly + Sid Knitted Blankets

Milly Green Gifts

White Rabbit Gifts

Child's Farm Organic Toileteries

Merry Berry Hats

Project Jelly Shoes

Babble Bibs

Blue Bird baby Cupcakes (in store only)

Award books (in store only)

Teddy + Me premature baby clothes

We feel this is something to be proud of